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What The New F1 Game Should Include

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

My latest personal piece looking at the upcoming 2020 F1 Game and what I would like to see included.

Codemasters and the Formula 1 game have come a long way from their questionable beginnings on the Nintendo Wii back in 2009, with 2019 making huge strides forward in comparison to previous editions.

After years of fans demanding this feature, the F1 2019 game saw drivers being able to transfer from one team to another in career mode, ensuring any driver could potentially end up in any team, something I and many others have wanted from the start and always questioned why there was such difficulty in this being implemented into the game.

The reasoning given was always that licensing was to blame, however why F1 always felt this must remain the same has always puzzled me, other sports games have transfers, why was F1 the exception?

F1 2019 also saw GP2 introduced into the game for the first time, another feature that many had been asking for, for a number of years.

For me though, there is a lot more which can be done, which in this piece I will go through.

F2 Career Mode:

The career mode in F1 2019 could begin in F2 however this was limited to a story mode which saw you pitched against fictional rivals Lukas Weber and Devon Butler, as you challenged for the F2 title, cutting to three races during the season.

Although this was a refreshing change within the game, I would like to see this expanded to include the entire F2 season, competing against real F2 drivers who progress through the ranks with you. For me, it would make the rise to F1 much more satisfying if I have been able to win the F2 season outright.

However if you do not win the first year, it may well be that you have to remain in the series for longer than one season, with F1 continuing through the seasons, with drivers swapping teams and drivers from F” being promoted ahead of you.

At this point I would be potentially include fictional drivers to fill the void of others from F2 progressing into F1 however I will get to that in just a moment.

F3 in the F1 Game:

Similar to the MotoGP game, which sees gamers being able to compete in the top tier all the way down to Moto3, I would love to see the F3 Championship incorporated into the F1 game. I feel this would bring another element to the career mode which will see you truly progress through the ranks along with the other future stars or Formula 1.

It will also ensure more variety of cars and could also incorporate other F3 events such as the Macau GP. These additions would bring more depth to the game and surely make it a more satisfying one to play.

If F3 is added it would be great to see you being able to start from scratch and be approached by junior teams, again bringing another element into the career mode.

Create Your Own Team:

The big news from the preview launch last week was the introduction of the "My Team" feature, which will see you being able to create your own team and race against your F1 rivals. This is another feature many fans have been longing for over the years so to see its inclusion finally arrive is extremely satisfying.

However to ensure it is a success I would like to see it go into the following details.

The first feature I would like to see is a budget that your team has, this can either be a realistic one for a smaller team, or you can alter it depending on the level of ease you would like your team to have. This budget will be a direct correlation to performance, the higher the budget, the more scope for research and development there will be.

In addition to this, it will be what determines which driver you employ, and whether they have to be a “pay driver” or not. It could also be added you can strike a deal with a major manufacture, such as Mercedes or Ferrari, to provide not only parts, but also a driver at a reduced fee.

The budget will also be what determines what parts you have such as engines and gearboxes.

I would also like to see the option for sponsorship being included and being able to add to the car, in a similar vein to what we see in F1 today. The higher up the grid you and your team progress, the more your sponsors are worth which in turn creates better offers.

I feel the announced eleventh team feature is one of the biggest new features of an F1 game for many years and it will be fascinating to see how Codemasters have integrated it into their game.

Custom Liveries:

An area I have touched on however I would love to see the game enable custom liveries, similar to the Forza series or even NASCAR: The Heat.

This freedom of creation will ensure the imaginations of countless fans up and down the country will run wild. It would also be great to incorporate a share feature added ensuring you could display your liveries with other gamers.

These liveries could then be used to play in either online multiplayer or during the career mode section of the game.

Classic Circuits:

An option which could be included potential as DLC would be classic circuits which have been used throughout the history of Formula 1. These could also be classic layouts of circuits currently used such as a classic Silverstone or Hockenheim, however I would love to see circuits such as the Istanbul Park and Imola make an appearance, as well as circuits which may have been forgotten such as South Korea, India and Jerez.

I feel these are all achievable ideas to have for the game and could be introduced for F1’s 70th birthday. The game is released on the 10th July, and will include the full 22 race season as well as classic cars from throughout Michael Schumacher’s career. Just that alone makes me hugely excited for the game’s summer launch!



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