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Welcome to Gripping, the only motorsport website looking at the stories within motorsport, told by some of the most respected names in the business.

My aim is to get these stories out there for you to read and enjoy, from the people who want to tell them. I hope all these stories will help you, the reader, feel closer to motorsport and understand the business of motorsport far better than you ever have before. 

It is an idea I have been developing for a number of years, beginning at first as an infrequent piece on various websites across the internet, although the more I wrote and thought about it, the bigger the idea became, finishing up with this website.

There are plenty of fantastic, insightful and knowledgable websites out there full of hugely enthusiastic and highly skilled and respected writers looking at the latest news and present stories, so I felt there was not any need or way I could compete with that, despite my love of these subjects. Some of these may be incorporated in my personal blog (which I’ll come back to in a little while!)

The website has been split into five sections to try and help distinguish between each story and person. These are as follows:

Drivers - It is what it is, any driver that is interviewed will go into this category. These drivers may not necessarily be present, they can be from all eras and generations. 

Team Members - Team Members can be anyone from the team owner to the wheel cleaner, everyone is welcome and integral in this section. Like with drivers, team members can be past or present.

Motorsport Family - Motorsport Family is a different one as it is anyone who is a driver, team member or part of motorsport but not affiliated with a particular series or team. Car owners will be included as well as relatives of drivers and team members in this section, looking at what happens within the families of motorsport lovers. 

Media - Anyone involved specifically in the media side of motorsport will be included in this section. I know with a lot of reporters, they may overlap into other sections however this will look at predominantly journalists, commentators and photographers and how they found themselves involved in motorsport. 


Personal - This is the final section, all to do with me and my personal experiences in motorsport. I may only be 24 but I’ve been around motorsport in one form or another for 17 years and I have witnessed some unforgettable moments as well as meeting some truly inspirational people and global superstars. This section will also be where you find my personal features on topics that I would like to have my say on. 


So thats it! That is Gripping and what the website it all about. I really hope you enjoy your read and hopefully you come back for more and more!

Thank you.

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